The tufting press AHP 220/45 serves for inserting buttons into multi-layered mattresses. This creates a slightly profiled surface of the mattress and fixes the individual layers against slipping. The tufting press has a swivel frame moving by 90° degrees to vertically present the clamped mattress. In this vertical position, the mattress is tufted by button inserting with a separate tool. Top and bottom side of the mattress are accessible from both sides at the same time.[

The transversal positioned mattress infeed and outfeed happens in the horizontal position. This can be done from both sides of the tufting press. An adjustable stop in the form of a roller aligns the mattress in the direction of its width and simplifies removal. The longitudinal centring is done manually. Markings for this are attached to the frame and the depth stop.[

The upper press frame lowers and clamps the mattress so that it is fixed for vertical swinging and the insertion of buttons. Rigid rails dictate the points of entry for the buttons. The button image is always symmetrical in two directions, hence the aforementioned alignment (centering of the mattress).

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