The bag sealing device FSGE is used to close the packaging bags of rolled mattresses by welding.
The mattress pushed out of the RollPack is positioned correctly by the operator. He triggers by the foot switch signal the lifting of the lower welding bar to the centre of the roll. Then he pulls the end of the bag smooth for welding. He triggers the welding cycle with two-hand control. From now on, the process will run automatically. The operator can turn around and pull the bag for the next mattress on the RollPack. The next mattress pushed out of the RollPack pushes the previous one out of the tub. This leads to a reduction of cycle time.

Sizes suitable for the models of RollPack:

  • RollPack 200/30 – FSGE 40E
  • RollPack 200/40 – FSGE 40E
  • RollPack 200/45 – FSGE 45E
  • RollPack 200/60 – FSGE 60E

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