The nonwoven cutter GLS covers in an automatic process a nonwoven over the non slip surface of mattress cores (foam, latex, etc.) to enable a roll and push out process in a Rollpack.

A mattress (or, for example, a latex core) is placed on the GLS infeed conveyor belt. Before transferring the mattress from this belt to the infeed belt of the roll packing machine, the GLS-gripper pulls up a non-woven so that the mattress runs against it. This causes the non-woven to lay itself over the mattress.

The non-woven layer on the head of the mattress has a defined length, for example 30 cm. After that, the body moves forward and lays itself onto the non-woven cloth pulled along underneath. At the right moment, the transport is briefly switched off and the non-woven is cut off from the roll. Thus, the mattress arrives with the necessary gliding layer around itself in the Rollpack.

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