The mattress is layed onto the infeed conveyor, against an aligning bar.
Upon foot switch signal the infeed conveyor starts the transport into the furling drum.

In the furling drum, the mattress is guided by driven rollers in a circular shape, so that it spirals into a roll. At the end of the furling process, the drive stops and a pusher plate pushes the mattress laterally out of the furling drum.

On this side, a tube shaped nozzle is attached in axial extension of the furling drum. The pusher pushes the mattress roll out into the bag, where it then expands to its full and largely wrinkle-free filling. The bag can be a foil bag but also a sustainable paper bag.

The bag can be of PE film or – more sustainable – paper. You can also book an additional package which adds to the RollPack an automatic stretch film winder, allowing for a fully automatic rolling and packaging process.

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