The mattress wrapper VP 220 is a packaging machine for the highest demands.
The packaging machine consists of a main welding portal and the side welding station. The mattress moves transversally through the machine, so that mattress length is equal to machine width.

The main welding portal is built on rollers, which facilitates access for maintenance and material roll changes. The material rolls are mounted on the main welding portal at the top and bottom and are directly accessible for changing by moving out the portal.

In the VP 220 model, the machine automatically detects the mattress height and sets the position of the lower welding bar to the mattress middle. This results in better packaging quality and reduced consumption of film for thick mattresses.

Here too, welding is done by temperature-controlled electrodes. This way, with the Mattress Wrapper, the same welding result is always achieved independently of outside temperature and film temperature, without a permanently heated welding bar that would require preheating.

The large packaging machine for highest demands:

  • Welding bar 3000 mm
  • Side welding 2500 mm
  • Welding by temperature-controlled pulse welding bars for a perfect welding seam
  • Service-friendly because of movable welding portal
  • Film change with one person possible because of free access and short film buffers.
  • Modular design for perfect adaptation to customer needs

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