The welding Device TSG is the little sister of the VP.

It is mainly used for closing PE bags around mattresses, but can also weld close mattress stockings of knitware. This function can be controlled manually via a foot switch or embedded into the automatic production line with an additional conveyor and sensors.

The welding is done by temperature controlled electrodes, so that the same welding result is always achieved independently of outside temperature and film temperature, without a permanently heated welding bar that would require preheating.

The small packaging machine with high quality:

  • Welding bars of 2100, 2500 and 3000 mm width
  • Lower welding bar height-adjustable
  • always perfectly centered weld seam
  • Welding by temperature-controlled pulse welding bars
  • The safety circuit protects the hands
  • up to 900 kg closing pressure for better separating welding
  • moveable on large wheels

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