Our mattress machines

Intelligent innovations from filling to rolling to gluing and much more with patented solutions.

Machine FU

The Filling Machine FU is a universal filling machine for all types of mattresses such as spring core mattresses, foam mattresses, latex mattresses, Sandwich mattresses made of foam and latex plates with natural fibre mats.

Machine RP

The portal robot RP automatically and quickly feeds foam pads, felt pads and mattress cores to the line..

Machine FSGE

The bag sealing device FSGE is used to close the packaging bags of rolled mattresses by welding.

Machine RSK

The Swivel arm robot RSK consists of a foot frame, on which the supporting column is built and serves one stack beside or before the line.


Machine FKA

The spring unit unrolling machine FKA is easy and simple to use. The open tub design makes it possible for one person to insert the spring unit roll by rolling it in front of the opening and tilt it over.

Machine AHP

The tufting press AHP 220/45 serves for inserting buttons into multi-layered mattresses.

Machine CAM

The gluing machine CAM is a rollcoater for application of water based glue to mattresses.

Machine MSR

Ergonomic solution for heavy mattresses. Robust and reliable stacking of mattresses packed in PE.

Filling Machine MINI

The Filling machine MINI is the little sister of the FU. The simple and robust machine is ideal for the smaller production of foam mattresses.

Machine MPSR

The Gluing press MPSR consists of a reinforced conveyor belt, on which a press portal is built.

Machine ATR

The open knitware bundle is slipped onto the filling arms of the stocking applicator ATR. The filling arm width and height adjustments adapt to the size of the core.

Machine SRA

The glue application machine SRA applies a water based glue of appropriate specification by spraying.

Machine MSE

Stacking in extension of the line for each mattress of cores without cover, finished mattresses, packed mattresses and even wrapped child mattresses in double pack with each layer rotated by 90° by an optional equipment .

Machine TSG

The welding Device TSG is the little sister of the VP.

Machine MVG

Stacking or indexing from the stack of mattress cores (even sticky latex cores), mattress cores with profiled surfaces, mattresses in stocking, covered mattresses, wrapped mattresses, and even pocket spring units.

Machine MPS

The mattress welding press MPS serves for flat compression and vacuum welding of mattresses in plastic bags or in paper bags.

Machine HRA

The Hot-Melt gluing machine HRA guarantees most efficient mattress production - largely maintenance-free, robust and reliable. Its design goes back to the world’s first mattress gluing machine using Hot-Melt in 1987.

Machine GLS

The nonwoven cutter GLS covers in an automatic process a nonwoven over the non slip surface of mattress cores (foam, latex, etc.) to enable a roll and push out process in a Rollpack.

Machine ATE

The mattress stocking filling machine ATE 220 in its fully automatic version fills the mattress into the knitware hose and closes this cover on both sides.

Machine RollPack

The mattress is layed onto the infeed conveyor, against an aligning bar. Upon foot switch signal the infeed conveyor starts the transport into the furling drum.

Machine VP

The mattress wrapper VP 220 is a packaging machine for the highest demands.

Machine PTS

The felt cutting machine PTS consists of one or two roller trays, an outfeed conveyor which feeds the cut felt onto the foam pad passing underneath, the cutting unit and the pull-out and positioning bridge.

Machine MSL

Dual function machine: Mattresses are taken from the stack and fed to a line or finished mattresses arrive on a conveyor onto the conveyor belt of the mattress stacker and are placed on a stack in prolongation of the line.